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i now know  and understand the frustration going through the tokyo ghoul tag and seeing spoilers everywhere every time i go through them i get spoilers on something new ugh can’t wait for the new updates so i can get up to speed with the hype i feel by the time the updates come up more people will talk about it and then eventually i get spoiled on everything in this series

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Tags: #ayaan's rambles #i at least shit is going go down with kaneki amon and hide #ughhhhh #i'm kinda tempted to read the raws so i can get an idea of whats up but it at the same time no wait #conflicted feelings #i use didn't care when other people ranted but haha whos tasting irony right now #atm i like denying those spoilers utnil i actually read them so i can be half surprised to read it #but also kinda glad that some others do tag their post while some others don't bother #i'll avoid the tag at best for now